It all falls into place like a solved jigsaw puzzle,the dewdrops slide down the glass panes,lining up towards the garden pot that sits at her kitchen

Tanned Earth

The tanned earth with specks of green looks at the sky with awewhile the still drowsy bird takes a flight from his nestthe fishes take an early morning diplil buds open up to a new… Read More »Tanned Earth


The risen sun walks on the shores of the seacrimson coloured gelled with the berry blue seabelow asbstained from any vicesagainst the thundering currentsbrooding over the anchored boat that delves on the edgeblessing  the wayward… Read More »Seaside

Tiny tots

The little buds dangle crisscrossed peeking in through the opened grills  shooting out frm the cascaded leaves in the lava laced summer.They haven’t figured out rainbow hues on the dahilyas yet but have soaked them… Read More »Tiny tots


The bustling breeze comes to halt under the grey bridge where the sun wishes to whisper good morningto pedestrians standing  and sitting  in vehiclesthe early dawn puddles  are a reminder to callous  faces of our… Read More »Bridge

Scenic pastures

The silent waters cascading from the rhymes pour upon the beautiful terrain gardening them soaked under an esclipse bath of painted colours draped in sheer fabric of satin that swoons over the epitaph of myriad… Read More »Scenic pastures