I wiped the dust off that clutter over my memoriesthe ones that bear your name. But boldface, it refuses to be erased Imprints that are etched deeper than I can imagine.  As it clings onto its torn-tattered chord, I picked… Read More »NAPOWRIMO- Clutter

NAPOWRIMO- Summer Rain

He ate the leftover loaf of bread Almost swallowing it. He cried summer rain tears Quenching his thirst. Alas, His deserted stomach Got a life to live a bit longer! Copyright ©2015 by Elvira Lobo- Its My Life  Disclaimer: The image(s) in the post… Read More »NAPOWRIMO- Summer Rain

NAPOWRIMO- Photo Prompt

  The dry leaves fallen on the ground,Simmers down his old memories.Just like the designs formed in water, Resurrect his reflected past. He walks near the shore On the footprints that once led his life Scattered now like the… Read More »NAPOWRIMO- Photo Prompt


It rhymes with the tunes of the piano jamming along the beats of the drumsExhaling a joyous bout freely like the flutemesmerized with the resonance of the sitarit voices softly as the brown violin that… Read More »NAPOWRIMO- Carnival