Napowrimo – 11- Et tu Brute

  He came home from work, Tired and dizzy Switching on the tv, He grabbed the leftover popcorn and plonked on the couch She walked past him twice with baked muffins, He sniffed them but… Read More »Napowrimo – 11- Et tu Brute


He stormed out in anger In full rage that he wouldn’t look back Furiously he walked on and on Until he reached a secluded place The graveyard He cried out in desperation Shedding all his… Read More »Unperturbed

Remote Control

The tv screen flashed a bizzare  news             But the owner of the remote flipped to changeIt zoomed to a fantasy fable for childrenLittle giggles followed each actionBut a few seconds later, just when the cycle… Read More »Remote Control


I woke up to this freezing night, Darkness hidden behind cold curtains of white. All I could hear the silent whispers, Of My heart pounding to converse. I cuddled under my blanket slowly Stepping out… Read More »STRANGER’S SECRETS