my love

Blue Rose

Coming back home on that rainy night, He mysteriously gave me a BLUE ROSE,I was taken aback and mystified at this sight,the droplets on its petals looked liked pure pearls white. But, why a BLUE… Read More »Blue Rose

By the Beach Side

The sun is slowly closing its eyes, and the moon seems to have already arrived. I still sit there immersed in my own thoughts, Thinking about him by the beach side. The cascading waves across… Read More »By the Beach Side

I Realised

Can’t get enough of you, Can’t let you go off my eyes. Can’t get enough when times are few, Can’t let you go off my life.Can’t get nervous anymore,Can’t let the passion subside.Can’t get over… Read More »I Realised

Short Verse- Date

His passionate kiss, takes me to a dreamworld of eternal bliss. It’s a romantic date, just me and my muse, On a secret destination in a cruise. Copyright ©2012 by Elvira Lobo- Its My Life(All… Read More »Short Verse- Date


Together we shall be from now, Can’t let even a day pass anyhow. Together is possible only with you, Because I just can’t imagine a life without you. Together we will welcome the rising sun,… Read More »TOGETHER

The Other Mermaid

His words struck her like a wave,She thought he had turned naive.Her tears were just a drop in the ocean,For him, it was only emotion.Their relation was turning into a tsunami,The high tide was causing… Read More »The Other Mermaid