my love


She brisked on with lifeHaving that faint hopewill resurface sooner or later……Everyday He spent sometime gazing at the stars from his terrace

Beyond conventions

You trouble me, confuse meWith your thoughts, your actionsOften repeating themTo be meant different each timeThough I often associatemy limited singular knowledge to itStill not once, do you ever give up on me, my dear… Read More »Beyond conventions


We met againA gentle flame flickered to Life


¬†A writer was always writing his/her thoughts into prose or poetry , lines or chapters pages filled endlessly with his/her signature ink turned them into tall pyramids¬† one, two, hundreds and thousands everyday looking at… Read More »Pyramid

The Secret

A poet like me is a wannabeLiving in dual worldsOne that lives in convex lenses of lifeAnd one that sees life in concave lenses through words


To quote happinessYou may not be happy alwaysTo quote loveYou may not be in love alwaysSo, I carry a portion full of smiles with meAnd share them with loveatleast there is no dearth of laughter… Read More »Happiness