Rainbow Sprinkles

Don’t hide behind those rainbow sprinkles that kiss your cheeks like morning dews Wait for me to lay my eyes on you that had fake freckles of their own I shed those freckles of judgement that forgot I wore these myself every season one long freckle is still connected to my veins Don’t hide behind…

Rhymes of love

Under this beautiful ombre sky When our hearts lurch for each other Our feet dance in estcasy Our eyes dwell in droplets of love It is our contented souls that sync to the rhymes of love to stay as this everlasting captured in our embrace, our intimacy and trust that paints around us a circle…


Go find a reason, you have a choice Learn to believe yourself Create your own poise Life is challenging, But keep this trait with you Laugh to the fullest Atleast give your heart a chance to rejoice


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Pandorathon-11-May 2020- A Portfolio of Wise Investments

(Handwritten Letter)Dear Love,By the time you find this letter, you must have already finished preparing your presentation. The tea that I got for you from the Cafeteria must have turned cold. But, I needed to pen down my feelings on this paper I found near the printer. Thanks for your patience for sharing those hot…