Spark of My Life

Music to my soul strum the chords of my heart  Lover,play your role deliver your active part Poet, pen your words letting feelings sprout  fill all the pages of my body leaving no space out… Read More »Spark of My Life


Worried brows peered through the emergency room, Where she lay still bandaged and covered with weird tubes. The pretty young girl had once again tried to take her life, Her suicidal tendencies just wouldn’t end… Read More »MASKED FACE


It’s  turns  melodious when we play softly with each chord of our soul. It’s  turns  melodious when we  drop down all our inhibitions. It’s  turns  melodious when we ignore our anxieties and immerse in each… Read More »LOVE MELODY

Something about MUSIC

Music soothes our soul,each raga is so meaningful.It is a chord which we cannot distance away from.Music is an integral part of our life, love and our long journey.As a baby, listening to lullabies and… Read More »Something about MUSIC