NAPOWRIMO- 29- APRIL 2020- absence

I miss you the most
That I leaf through my writings
To see a glimpse of your radiant face
I miss those smiles of satisfaction
When you felt I inked a worthy poem or prose
Sometimes you would fiddle with my opinions
For days on end and dispose off few stale scraps
I loved how you lurk like a curtain to see
What metaphors I could come up with
To describe things and specially you,
mostly showing your disagreements with a punch
I yearn for those arguments, debates and how you would flare your hands at me
If you wanted to make stance more effective
You worked your way right into my schedule
That often I would forget I was drowsy minutes before
Just as I am now
Now I look at my lonely cup of tea holding itself to a strong reputation of charisma
You bought into my life so seamlessly
Come back dear muse, I really do miss you

PROMPT- To write a poem about absence of (something you miss) using objective correlatives.

Copyright©2020-4th May by Elvira Lobo (All rights reserved; unauthorized use prohibited)
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Olga Bueva -Spoken Artwork

Art is a succulent to an artist. The form of art could be his/her paintings, poems, music, dance, singing and list goes on. 
Many spend years finding its nuances or learning them and few bring in their vibes that takes art to a different level.
That is probably where I would describe  Olga Bueva founder of Pe Pa Art and Nab Interiors.
Our first interaction was for choosing the book cover of my debut book Its My Life introduced by my publisher Karunesh Sir – Cyberwit  Publications.   Her paintings were so good, breathtaking and profound that eventually I excused myself to choose none of them that would loose the very individuality of her work that it truly deserves. 

 I have seen her art grow since then like a beautiful tree with branching out into decor and interiors that divulge and indulge an viewer with its majestic design, intricate structures. Not to forget her everyday lifestyle, life size paintings prod your thoughts to know about some timeless moments, era that need a revisit.

Times bring in new chapters,  but ain’t any worth if you forget to appreciate it, and so does Art for what I believe in.  So, here’s my humble post for a one in minion… Olga:) 

Tiny tots

The little buds dangle crisscrossed peeking in through the opened grills  shooting out frm the cascaded leaves in the lava laced summer.
They haven’t figured out rainbow hues on the dahilyas yet but have soaked them to the brim with foamy dewdrops that pecked the earth this morning

What more he can ask for?

He searched for her
Holding the torch to find her
In that sheer darkness
Moving covers, curtains and blankets 
Besides the book shelf, 
Near the hallway and kitchen 
She wasn’t there outside
Not to be seen even in the sombre terrace
Where was she , he wondered 
He jumped to her squeals of laughter 
Sitting on his chair playfully mocking at him 
Promising not to trouble him again whilst a wink 
He held her soft hands and caressed her face 
Sensing a relief to find here, he forgave her 
He belonged to her, every inch of him
He sat besides her enjoying her company 
She- his beloved muse was with him.

Copyright ©2015 by Elvira Lobo- Its My Life

Disclaimer: The image(s) in the post are taken from Google. I don’t claim any of its rights.