Wax moments

She draped the saree he giftedA simple yellow onewith a tinge of orangeHe held her closeas she melted in his arms ~Candlelight dinner-wax moments

As we move along

Following you was easymaking  you was diffcultpraticising your beliefs was hardand staying away from you is so worse


He adjusted his spectaclesAnd looked clearly at her But she wouldn’t budge an inchSilly hair strands

Napowrimo 8- Déjà vu

I come here each day In a wistful hope A small portion never mind I still dream about it more. Toiling hard with my family, We carve this place into a mould And a déjà… Read More »Napowrimo 8- Déjà vu

Napowrimo 4- Crunch Time

I paced faster holding the folders Inside the Lift along with others. With my hair tossled and my heaving breath I stood farther near the end Then, my hand brushed his dear cufflings He looked… Read More »Napowrimo 4- Crunch Time

Nobody’s somebody

They look with those deep eyesWith an eager and clear heart With fingers entwined on the pole near the wall Sharing a faded smile thats more colourful than their clothes Those mystical moments weave a new bond  As… Read More »Nobody’s somebody