The neon lights  bask in glory, of the advent of a new beginning crapes of paper  and shimmer  hanging from the ceiling, the entrance is garland  with fresh flowers from the gardenA sigb board perfectly… Read More »Advent

Second thoughts

He was repenting forraising  his voice on herJust then he heard a shriekTheir little daughter was slapped once again….habits and anger don’t go away easily

Pre valentine

The seconds add minutesTo my chaosOf letting you grab this hourAnd further this day!!!~Prevalentine

Your Happiness in my Life

I walked into his classroomfinding the ruffled head sitting on the 3rd benchCalled him out ignoring the expression of his friendsI took him aside as everyone had their necks craned towards usFew of my pals… Read More »Your Happiness in my Life

Tribute to my Friend Udita

I reflect into your black kholed eyesThat gaze like  a flowing  river of thoughtsYour sight melts hearts to start living a life through a bioscopeWith a free spirit sans any presumptionsA Vision that speaks and… Read More »Tribute to my Friend Udita

Love Letter

Can I patronageA love letterCelebrating our every momentThat does’nt confineto any margins or linesWords that don’t just proclaimBut exclaim the love we doOne that’s bold enoughYet still shy like the italicsOne that’s not numberedOr battered… Read More »Love Letter