Trail of thought

This minute trail of waiting has been a long dotted one separated by pauses between them.what could it possibly do when there is a ban to build a peripheral of understanding?


The overwhelming power resumes again engulfing the silence hovering around, the starkness of reality has left a imprint that dodges the present everytime.Now, it has turned mute and that muted being has forgotten the world,… Read More »Power


Probably very soonI willI want toend this madnesswith a sharp daggerignoring the bluish veinsand shadowed clenched teeththe stirring screamsand looming darkness abovebefore it drowns the faint hopes~Anchor


State of mind Is on a boat  Thats managing itself to stay off the coast


You did work your way inside my heartYeah you didOnly not enough to my too rational mind Copyright ©2016 by Elvira Lobo- Its My Life

Pillow Diaries

These patterns follow my mind from the bedsheet spread into my dreamsLike flowers sit adorned in the basketbrooding over for some sleep Tossled and pushed I fallonce to the centre or to the very edge The chaos creates… Read More »Pillow Diaries