Things I learnt to love again and do differently

Haven’t you heard this a zillion times? But did you realize why “Loving what you do daily” is reinforced time and again? During college, I felt this quote quite subjective as we put the “proving… Read More »Things I learnt to love again and do differently


Their mutual admiration is just fresh like henna,drawing them closer through chords of love.Soon, the henna may fade away,but serves as a reminder.Once it is gone, you may soon forget about it,But that tender love… Read More »Admiration

Cafe Coffee Day

It was late evening that day, when finally we met again,the cold war between us was eminent in the form of ice tea on the tablethe mad rush hour of the cafe couldn’t supress our… Read More »Cafe Coffee Day

In thy name

If love had a heart,wouldn’t it melt like ice,dissolve like salt and spread like fireyet our inhibitions forsake us to let it pump in onethe enormous heart is divided into pieces by this lovebut we… Read More »In thy name