napowrimo- 19-april 2020- lockdown lunch

There is no chaos today at the table
Wonder why, isn’t everybody there?
The sullen masked Raven peeks into the window
Stunned to see the Cheshire Cat giving a damn stare
One of the pesky rats wriggle to tone down the scene
Offers to open the window screen
All three sit at a distance
Each of them seated on a chair
‘The answer is blowin’ in the wind’ the tv anchor states
A virus called Corona has been taking the flair.
This has caused a huge havoc,
For humans are caught unawares
Look, it isn’t just them, we are too,
Rationing out food and mostly milk is a big feat
Arranging her curls, the Cheshire cat informs
My  fav fish and meat is becoming rare
Oh, yes, you are right, replied the frugal rat
The lockdown is much needed to curtail the odds
But this has caused my moments of privacy and freedom, he chuckles
Coz , nowadays, both the Piper and me find ourselves scavenging through the kitchen square
Nodding his head, the masked Raven sanitizes his hands
While they arrange out all the plates
Let me have quick morsel, he pleads, tired of waiting at the market today,
Some are still being hoarded by human’s disgrace
They continue to chit chat about their concerns
And have prepared a daily routine
From binge watching the sunrise, sipping on cold milk
Nibbling on the sweet corns and  flexing  their muscles
To name a few, they are quite steady on their quarantine
Hi, I am bored, What do I do,  I declare as they finish off their meals
The Cheshire cat comes and leans next to me near the mirror
Letting out a subtle smirk through her reflection with folded arms,
She suggests, Dear Elvira, The answer is blowin’ in the wind!”

The prompt for today is an imaginary conversation among the Cheshire Cat of Lewis Carroll, The Raven of Edgar Allen Poe and one of the pesky rats, of The Pied Piper of Hamelin, which refuses to be lured away by the Piper. The terrific threesome meet in the corona virus times and get talking. The conversation is to be embellished by the refrain of The answer is blowin’ in the wind.

Copyright©2020-4th May by Elvira Lobo (All rights reserved; unauthorized use prohibited)
Disclaimer: The image(s) in the post are taken from Google. I don’t claim any of its rights.

napowrimo – 2 april 2020- metaphor-barbed wire

Barbed Wire

I have a mouthful of breeze at one go

I know it is dinner time,

my body has been craving for more

Pining for the heat that soaked me all day

I now look forward to slouch myself into the arms of the night

It has been two weeks now since I heard the endless honking of the vehicles

The catfights in the nearby room, children play and climb over me to get their football

Only ambulances, police vans, buses and few riders pass through once a while

I lock my gaze for hours towards the sky,

Often craning my neck to see a soul walk by

I sit with the sparrows, who recite few tales at noon,

The evenings spent with company of branches who wake me up from my slumber

To play a duct game with me playing in loops

On my right, the guard seals the gates firmly

Though locked more often now, follows his habitual ritual daily

The families up in the building haven’t stepped out since long

I guess they prefer to stay put inside ,few have stocked up their food

I miss their daily banter after work, feels life has been put on snooze

 On my left, the night has befallen on this space

The restaurant buzzling with energy has been silent

The chaotic parkings, the enigma of celebrations are some forgotten chapters

I peer towards the roof , through which I can see the kitchen mess

Staff who triumphantly manned the courtyard, invited the guests

Prepared elaborate meals on a daily basis that caught my attention every evening

Is on infinite standstill

They stand at distant , waiting for their turns

To have their small portions of dinner , leaning against the corners with sullen faces

I do not know how long will this go on

Obviously no one would bother to come near me

But I felt I need to do my bit

So, I navigate the breeze towards their way, sharing all I can to make them cheerful

and hopefully fill their hungry stomachs.

Copyright © 2020- 8th April by Elvira Lobo

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on flight mode

Strolling across the length and breadth of the terrace
On a Sunday evening , I find myself looking around
The familiar place looks all new
Few canopies built faraway now look like lazy hills
Those have been slowly covered by the clouds
The cuckoo that has sung melodies all day
Has retreated to her cozy nest
With a different brush stroke amidst this LOCKDOWN,
Today the nature paints a different canvas
Where the humane dominance that presided over
Stay put at their homes, while the streets wear a deserted look.
I watch the greens happily flapping their wings
To bask in new found sanctity
Few flowers that sit upon the ledges of the tall branches
Wave to give me some company
The streetlights are lit as usual
Casting a dainty shadow of golden vases
The clouds take their turn to wear night wears
While the sun recedes faraway
The hours pass by, but the vanity lingers on