Love stains

Standing under the shower,
bare to the mirror and barely to myself;
I scrub the stains off my skin,
the stains of your unrequited love
that has borne one with my flesh.
It has mingled  with water and bears sympathy
as it gets with it but fails to wash it off.
 I have tried this many  times,
the warm water just seems to blaze
the lifeless stains and cold one just lets it sleep away again.

Thy Love

Kiss thy lips my love for they lust for the tasty grape drink,
pour thy seducing potion of love that mingles with a cocktail of red rose-ed bliss
slip in your hands to comfort this nervous soul to handle this rockety push
entangle your legs to slither thy greed of fun and more love
Meddle wih this tresses that cradles your warm fingertips
arouse the passion my love for the oneness that brings two of us to be a union.
peck thy nape forgoing your worries and submerging into these desires of wanting more.