A Valiant Step

Her feet trembled as she moved closer,Towards that room in the cornerShe clutched the scarf firmly in her fistsAs the nurse called out “Wont you come and see ?

Home for All

Call the people home,home that has a simple stay,unaffected by the misgivings, hopes or  vicesLet it be a abode for a fresh beginning that calls it familythat includes and treats all  as one irrespective ofall… Read More »Home for All

Feasting Peacefully

Bring me Peace on a platter,I will glady feast on itprobably leave a small morselto be shared with the uneasy kindswho are restless in their actions


Let me hold ransomthe Life bind him with handcuffsissue a trialstart a crucial proceeding so that he learns the basicshow to swim rather than how to diveinto an oceanto reach the shore along with othersnot leaving anyone… Read More »Trial

Our share of opinions

There were many reasons many deceptionsmany mistakesgerminated long agoBut the perception remains the sameexclusively overpowering the decisionsCan it be called fair or a victim or a reflection of our mindset.  


Interlocking my heart with a wirethat gets electrolated so quickly ,you may need to find a extinguisherBut you may not find pieces of it to be buried