Happy invite

Smile brings joywithout any invitationIt doesn’t confine toYour regards only¬†

Your smiles

Your smileThat lasts few secondsStill grabs spotlight~your admirer

Revolution reloaded

Oh did I not request you last timeto join me in fightingwith your armour of wordsAgainst the evil one call plagiaristA reminder once more,Better guard and lock your sleevesDon’t be awful then if it dares… Read More »Revolution reloaded

Flying blues

It just breezed throughsoftly sitting on the wings of the windface smeared in silver raindropscrossing the blue berried seaunwavered by the hail that followedIt just breezed throughcontinents that sat every milefilling every thirsty cup to… Read More »Flying blues

It rained for a while

It rained for a whileWords that came from the skies of his lipsTo the soul of her grounded heartHis eyes marveled at her nod, her smile, her every responseTo Words that fetched life from the… Read More »It rained for a while


He was dwelling in a small placeEnough for him to breatheA stent has now occupied most of itThat even she is unable to listen to his voice