Completed yet another mile bringing in more smiles, Today, it’s 4 years of Blogging and the day when my Ink got a Life!!! For those of you yet to listen to your instinct:   Believe… Read More »4TH BLOGOVERSARY

A Special Valentine

Just another day for me it was, daily chores of life occupied my mind, Only few chats in between I did because, there was hardly a thought to rewind. Romantic cards,flowers were exchanged amongst others,… Read More »A Special Valentine


Paving a way to lead my dreams,I marched ahead facing along the extremes.Nurturing the gift of the ink I ventured into an oblivion,Noting my thoughts with a quill dipped in ambition.Anchoring my words to recite… Read More »FROM NO ONE TO SOMEONE

Let ME be Free…

I wave out to them, but they aren’t looking at me, I walk towards them, but they run away from me. I feel their shadows moving, but no one is around me. I shed some… Read More »Let ME be Free…