Life chapters

Love stories

Love stories that are recited even today ofHeer RanjhaJodha AkbharSoni MahiwalRazia SultanLaila Majnu and many moreWhere women sat  on pedestal of loveToday has that element vanished?Is it now only plain worship of deitiesnot even treated… Read More »Love stories

Little hearts

Her little feet danced tinkering her silver anklets,  her tiny palms clapped as she recited the same verse over again the syllables of  hunger fell on ignorant ears  as prose took the stomach to another… Read More »Little hearts

Happy birthday Odette

Life breathes afresh as memories rewindA person who I hold unto closest to my heartnostaglic childhood moments bubble before meas I watch the flashbacks trailing from the start. She is my friend, my first friend… Read More »Happy birthday Odette

Wings of Freedom

The gentle breeze flies alongside my wingsHigher near the clouds that stay gluedMy feet dangle in midairSwiftly rowing its way to the huesI pass by that way, that gate leading to heavenA unexplained energy resides… Read More »Wings of Freedom

In your Memory

In those smiles That sweet voice I never found pain In that care Where there was selflessly giving I never saw the rain But behind that light Hid the grey shadow unknown You beared it… Read More »In your Memory


Everything possibly donefor their sake and happinessforgetting myself devoted needed time and efforts when lonely and dejectedcheered and comforted themmade sure their smile doesn’t fade away.Yet, when I  am in need or needed themmy presence was… Read More »Betrayal