Pandorathon- 14-May 2020- Break Up Letter – A Closure

break up rust

Dear Q,

Hi, there Q. Surprised aren’t you to find this letter . Well, I am too, considering the fact that since  last we met, we left leaving many questions, doubts hanging  in midair and cared less to answer or even oblige it.

Does the expresso coffee still remind you of those bitter coffee beany allegations we perfectly mouthed at each other. You know Q, from the time we have separated, do you actually realize we haven’t been sleeping on time or eating right and even coming up the weirdest possible excuses to stay away for a project. Hugs to those memories when we were added different layouts and frames to beautify our Love rather than keeping  a default set-up and pale faces. It doesn’t work that way right?

I am writing this to finally put words to our infinite silences, awkward glances, sly blinks that have been courting through a rough patch. I do owe  all that you very well introduced me that opened my perspective in different aspects of life. I am trying hard to avoid the gazes that you put across like a hot blazing cocoa and also managing myself to stop milking those past memories.

But, we cannot remain tagged together in every slide but present our faces separately to the world and specially to our shunted egos. Can we?


Your last slide

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Pandorathon-11-May 2020- A Portfolio of Wise Investments

(Handwritten Letter)
Dear Love,
By the time you find this letter, you must have already finished preparing your presentation. The tea that I got for you from the Cafeteria must have turned cold. But, I needed to pen down my feelings on this paper I found near the printer. Thanks for your patience for sharing those hot bhajias. They were sizzling crispy just like your cheesy one- liners .
Are you interested to join on a date this evening. The market is closed and well the number crunch still remains. But isn’t our alliance like SIP’s, investing gradually and wisely to perfect our future together.
Your engaging partner

(printed Letter)
Dear Investor,
I hope you are doing good and happy to know you loved the Appreciation you have been receiving for your investments. Also, looking at the NAV and Cagr that has been going steady , I hopefully predict you will soon want to have a personalized portfolio designed by me to make you life more exciting and fulfilling.
To cater to your needs and requirements, Thanks for arranging a meeting so that I can provide strategic guidance and consultancy services this evening. Whether the market zips or dooms , this advisor will make sure that your interests are in safe hands.
I have enclosed a few brochures – please choose your next preferred stocks carefully so that we can further have an intimate discussion in future.
Flip the page- Had to be discreet with this onlooker glancing at me every now and then
Your relationship cum fund manager

Written on the prompt – Exchange of love letters between two lovers. ( 500 words/flash fiction)

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Letter to My Love

My Love,
Loving you does not need a reason
just like your sweet whispers that become my dream
Even when you may not grab me in your embrace
I can’t ignore your scent that gathers around me
My heart pens a song for you without any music
because our souls have struck a note together already
I write another  letter to you, sealing it with some kisses
sometimes, feelings pour out so fast that I capture it for you in my poetry.

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My last I never knew- A letter from heaven

Woke up this morning as usual day to grab some more sleep,
My last I never knew, my fate had other plans.
I packed my school bag with books that were to fulfill my dream,
My last I never knew, my travel in my school van.
I pull my sweet little sister cheeks promising her a chocolate, kissing goodbye to my Mum,
My last I never knew; Ammi, just 12 years of life I had!
We have planned a weekend family trip, it’s since long we have had one,
My last I never knew; Abba, I get to see you smiling face, my loving dad!
School starts with prayer and worship to thank the Lord for each day,
My last I never knew, I would meet you all my dear friends.
Lectures begin as teacher teaches us a new chapter, as we recite the new verse as she says,
My last I never knew, I would sit on my favourite brown bench.
We write the new topic in our books as some naughtily play pranks that make us laugh,
My last I never knew, I would be marked Present in the attendance register.
I enjoy the new topic with our teacher animatedly enacts after she reads a paragraph,
My last I never knew, I wouldn’t be able to wipe out this day with an eraser.
Then it came, Ammi; that time we ignored the sudden thumping noises across the class,
I saw those few masked men holding guns barging in shooting our staff!
In seconds, I was down under my desk as I saw a bullet shattering our window’s glass,
A huge wail I heard I peered to see my best friend’s head slit into half.

I tried to get up instinctively but I couldn’t feel my legs,
Heartbroken and helpless as I saw my class turn into a death bed.
Don’t harm these young kids, my dear teacher cried and begged,
Those bad guys were really ruthless; one scorned at her and shot her dead.
I was scared Abba, really very scared; shivering and struggling with pain,
A huge explosion I saw burned down the entire wall of another class.
They forcibly pushed students down and randomly fired at them,
All fell like a pack of cards, blood smeared all across the mass.
I heard a deep feeble cry of my classmate lying next to me,
We together hopefully cringed behind another desk away from those glaring eyes.
I choked as I felt his hand turn cold suddenly,
No it was mine too; my chest throbbed as I saw them watch me die.
Ammi, Abba ; I love you and know it is difficult to bear this grief,
My last I never knew, my soul was so soon to be set free.
It is hard for me too to see you’ll like this, so please do not weep,
My last I never knew, I wish I could hug the two of you tightly.
I write this letter from heaven to you parents and everyone,
Behalf of all those who lost their lives and to mourning families.
I hope you adopt peace and don’t succumb or encourage any violence,
My last I never knew; keep that fire burning in your heart, wage out that terror together and let not another family bereave!!!

In solidarity to the victims of Peshawar incident, may their souls rest in Peace, Amen.
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