Rise and Shine – Positivity

Rejuvenate your succulent of life Let it reign over like the morning sun Rise and Shine like no tomorrow You will see the afterglow in years to come Copyright © 2020- 29thMarch by Elvira Lobo


Prioritize your schedule and time walks in with a new changeprioritize your relations and the dear ones want their own wayprioritize your living and life gives you doughnuts.


The morning enigma of flashy bonnetparked on a street fills the auraof a businesman who just madehis worthy investment,but his bossy mind cannot shy him awayfrom keeping teddy pillows on the headrest.

Life Seashore

Life is like a seashore, when you pick or gather conchshells/ seashellsthe tide washes them away in few secondsit tempts you with a starfishand you still do not fin another one soonthe clear blue above… Read More »Life Seashore