Winter Love Summers

You are like the winters freezing the cold arcs of my haven brewing the warmth with your fire Snuggling the dark spaces inside Even in these humid summers, I feel comforted in your winter love… Read More »Winter Love Summers


You have carved a niche In my heart Said the nail to the chisel With your every kiss, you transform me into something new The chisel doesn’t utter a word rather just reverts with a… Read More »NAPOWRIMO- Chisel

NAPOWRIMO -Seed of Love

Awakening to your nights and sleeping through your mornings I didn’t quite realise When you made me a victim of your smiles Between the gap of my fingers I still feel your strong touch How… Read More »NAPOWRIMO -Seed of Love

Love Beyond Times

He walks closer graciously with a smile leaning his head to my ears I can smell his fragrance captivating just like his personality freezing me to stay still Seconds, probably moments passed, absolute silence stays… Read More »Love Beyond Times

Chocolate love

your taste still lingers on my lips sweet and tempting like a chocolate melting inside Un- nerving lust feasting on my weakness warming up my body confusing my senses Copyright¬†¬©2015 by Elvira Lobo- Its My… Read More »Chocolate love