A well served meal

Can I serve you todayhot puris of nostalgiasharing aromatic kisses with mesays the favourite potato wedged heart!

Sizzling Summers

This young summer morning I quench my thirst with your touch Draped in your stormy kissesSeated on your lap with cupped handsSipping into your nectar of hot lava Copyright ©2016 by Elvira Lobo- Its My Life… Read More »Sizzling Summers

Loose strings

Tied in a half bun, That brown curly hair settled on your nape which is wet and bare It traces your cheeks turning them pinkish shy I wish I could do a trick And be… Read More »Loose strings


It was the most awaited momentAs they looked at each other with bated breathHolding their hands they snuggledEnjoying under the warmth of the blanketThey shared a restless mushy kissas spicy thoughts sprinkled inside their headDrenching… Read More »Spiced