Opposites Attract

 I know you dont belong to me, nor do Iwe are like the moon and sun who are just part of this glorious universeyet there is a chemistry that is stronger than an equinoxthe turbulence… Read More »Opposites Attract

Love stains

Standing under the shower,bare to the mirror and barely to myself;I scrub the stains off my skin,the stains of your unrequited lovethat has borne one with my flesh.It has mingled  with water and bears sympathy… Read More »Love stains

Tempered kisses

The young kiss tempered my soula aromatic  amalgamation of doves emblazoned in lovewhat a fruitful drizzle of warm breaththat began to finger right from the nape to my lipsand when thy lips met minethere was… Read More »Tempered kisses

Thy Love

Kiss thy lips my love for they lust for the tasty grape drink,pour thy seducing potion of love that mingles with a cocktail of red rose-ed blissslip in your hands to comfort this nervous soul… Read More »Thy Love