‘VERUSCHKA’- your exclusive haute couture collection by payal kothari

Get a chance to live your dream- Design your own shoes!

A one shop destination that binds your heart and soul ( read-sole) at Veruschka.A Haute Couture Collection that redefines “Fashion” and “Availability” for any occassion.

Today,the millennials opt to style their outfit with a good pair of footwear, comfort is one of the top-most priority at the end of the day.

You need a Bella and Khloe in your Life”


Well, what makes Designer Payal Kothari’s Veruschka exclusive is its uniqueness, brilliant craftmanship and most importantly the right chord that is struck with their customers.

“Having sensitive pair of feet, I had mostly worn closed shoes or peep- toes until then. My first experience was for my engagement day shopping and later Veruschka’s were the go to for my wedding day too.”-Elvira.

Payal Kothari invites us to a wide range of Haute Couture Shoe Collection that caters to Women, Men and Kids.The quality of attention to detail, customer friendly approach with offering the best products instantly earns her more brownie points.


Party with Gigi,Victoria, Kiara or choose a musically inclined collection of Floyd and Elton

As most Women love to experiment with looks and accessories, Veruschka is just a perfect companion!

The beauty of this Impressive Design Store that we can vouch for are :

  • Sleek
  • Stylish
  • Personality driven
  • Modern Contemporary
  • Personalized
  • Durable
  • Feet friendly

Today, where handcraftsmanship has lost its sheen, Payal Kothari and her team make it possible to upscale our goals with the right choice that would be our prized possession.


The fact that you could personalise right from the style of shoes- wedges, flats, pumps, heels, etc, you get to choose amongst the varied collection of fabric, leather, foam, cushion and distinct range of pearls, studs, sparkles etc to contour your feet for any occasion. Isn’t it just amazing and flattering to select a palate of colours with accessories just as we design our home?

Uplift your personality at this Shoe Carnival !

The Veruschka’s who have showcased their unique named collection in various social events, festivals and shows, being a frontrunner in this space have recently launched their flagship store at Khar,Mumbai !!!

Wedding shoes custom made by Veruschka
My Wedding Shoes- Custom Made @Veruschka

That makes me super excited to grab my bag and walk into the shoe- shop haven !!!

Thank you Dear Payal and Tesu for this beautiful experience, love for shoes grew more deeper with Veruschka🙂

Be a part of this amazing Fam, Grab this opportunity Now !

Shop Online on their website- www.veruschka.in/

For Customizations, Get in Touch directly –Custom Shoes@Veruschka

P.S: Watch out, they have an amazing Classic Collection of Bags too:)

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When Style meets Elegance- Prerna Chhabra- Fashion Stylist and Youtuber!

Do you also grab a cup of tea and binge watch Youtube? Checkmate! Right from watching crazy bunch of stand- up comedies, baking, the whole gamut of Marie Kondo effect , creative arts and DIY’s to fashion videos, I enjoy those crazy moments of happiness.

Apart from my creative world of writing which kept the fuel burning occasionally , I peeked into a new world of Influencers . That’s when I came across “A fashion stylist ” who breezed through a beautiful persona  holding an aura of her own ( Poetic tribute ). 

Prerna Chhabra ,  a fashion stylist is an amazing Influencer who has been calling the shots of  Creativity in her own unique way.

Most women prefer keep themselves away from draping a Saree . The most common opinion is that “It looks good on others, but not everyone’s first choice”. Prerna Chhabra, with a versatile outlook, shares her styling tips that make wearing Saree, a fun experience rather than art. She diligently curates Elegance into Fashion by bringing out its core elements i.e. Simplicity, Versatility and Longevity.

How often would you wear a casual top with a Jeans and then pair it with a Saree OR Wear a monochrome outfit for a party OR Style a Boho look with your fringes to your work?

Prerna seamlessly inspires to think different and come up with mix match combinations to bring out a unique look everytime. The USP is “to style with what you have” makes it even more challenging and the results make them more gratifying. The fact that she cares and pays attention to every detail to sharing quick anecdotes of her life and useful tips for her viewers are a real bonanza to her followers including the amateurs to fashion like me. Everyone does want to look good and smart for any occasion at the end of the day!

The exclusivity of Prerna’s Style is that she handles every look, every style with absolute ease creates a beautiful bond of friendship and trust among her viewers and followers . Not to miss is her impromptu happy jig in her videos adorning a beautiful smile.

Today, Prerna’s hardwork and dedication has led us to be inspired creating amazing fashion trends with Re-styling an  old Saree or Lehenga , palazzos or kurtis for any occasion, ethnic look that complements your day that suffices your tastes and schedule for more than a month. She has forayed into the  domain of accessoring jewellery, bags, shoes, hairstyle and skincare creating a LIFESTYLE BRAND of her own.

Her vivacious personality is to be truly vouched for. She inspires and keeps us inspired to Stay Creative.

Choosing an outfit and styling it in totality never became so easier!                   

P.S : Thanks to you Prerna, I have kept a few old dupattas just short of being disposed off to create a ethnic look !!!

Disclaimer- This is not a sponsored blog article. These are my personal views, thoughts shared on this platform

Prerna Chhabra’s Youtube channel- Follow


Prerna Chhabra’s Instagram – Follow


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Hello world, where most of us are constantly on our social medias, Instagram has become a craze to instant gratification, a space to interact and engage with your audience and a domain where today branding has taken it to the next level.

You find a list of  Articles, Blogs and bunch of Youtubers talk about being an  Instagrammer, getting more views, followers  and associating with brands etc.

But how about Instaviewer, what does he/she look forward to?

A space of rejuvenation

If he or she posts, wishes gratification- appreciation through reply of comments or in stories

Disdains from watching more promoted, sponsored brand content (would rather scroll away)

Looks out for value Eg: Different Style techniques, Easy way to dress up techniques etc

Similar content could be viewed and liked , but it having your authenticity

Look, Curiosity is the key !!!Getting to know you through – votes, this or that or even answering through the comments leads to a connect and bonding (sharing similar experiences )

Today where there are zillions identifying themselves as “Influencers“, Instaviewers do get a chance to pick their favourite and yes they could unfollow you too in seconds.

Reliability  of getting quick information- Eg- restaurants, travel places, tech spaces

Community engagement to learn about others Eg Instapoets, staying positive and comedies/jokes

So , Make your instaviewer feel his/her time and effort was worth you !!! Your Content obviously 🙂

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