Ray of hope

His damp eyes  behind those glares cannot hidethe sense of contentmentto watch his little oneachieve the milestoneOf saying Dadawithout spaces-autism  series


Some gifted children standholding their hands trying  to emulatetheir teacher dance to the beats of the songpeople sympathize  and gather to watchthe innocent ones devoid of the stares or notionsas they wave gently to the… Read More »Mindsets


The plot is following that routeA path where the careless shrubs whisper to the budsAbout a guest who plans to visit themIn golden robes on a chariotTelling them  about the missing chirpies who once kissed… Read More »Plot


Have u seen small children colouring with crayonsDrawing on the white page freely what comes to mindThey are not worried about what others say or how it will turn out to be They focus on depicting… Read More »Bioscope


A smile lightens her faceas she picks up the casket once again.The italic font scribbled on itis though ancient to her native mind.The embossed diamond shaped mirrors dazzle one by oneAs she pushes it back… Read More »Casket