Shallow Life

A lean figure he sat immersed in his thoughtscreasing his brows togetherSimply dressed in pale blue clotheshe rested his head up on a armchair He had nothing to boast ofno handsome looks or six pack… Read More »Shallow Life


Everything possibly donefor their sake and happinessforgetting myself devoted needed time and efforts when lonely and dejectedcheered and comforted themmade sure their smile doesn’t fade away.Yet, when I  am in need or needed themmy presence was… Read More »Betrayal


Little tantrums you showMessing things all aroundHuge scowls you throwShuddering me off the groundHow do I believe when you say all is wellYour stubborn ways are too violenthave now turned me into a Rebel. Copyright ©2015… Read More »Rebellion


Just a moment it all takes…for a Thalessemia test,every life is precious;so get yourself checked now before you later on regret. Just a moment it all takes… if you find that both the spouses are… Read More »JUST A MOMENT