Scarecrow – Picture prompt

My poem- Scarecrow – winning poem of JULY prompt on TSL

Hey bro , look at the grey clouds
Will it rain today, I  have a doubt
Step carefully, one  at a time,
The beautiful fields are rushing along the breeze, it is just about their dinner time      
Wave to the birdies and call them home
We can have a quick chat with them seated on the cables, otherwise isn’t it so lone
Aaron, the mighty tree wont you join us today  
Let us have you sing in your glorious voice that will reach scarlet  manes at  bay  
Berman, Coldrack and Hugo ,gear up young lads,
 Shall we camp behind the golden haystacks like nomads?
Stop nudging and pulling my trousers, Tinkle
Ofcourse you are a part of the camp party, right Bro?
Meanwhile Tinkle manages to climb on his arm and whisper innocently,
We all will surely come, but whom are you calling out
I turned left to see a white clothing hanging midair, so shaken am I now, I cannot even mumble or shout
#pictureprompt Elvira

Way less trodden

The dark narrow lanes lead towards a dungeon
where hardly a soul resides
yes, a few do sans any hope of living without worry
The dilapidated worn out place was once a bustling one
where the morning  chirpies greeted sitting on the water tank at the entrance
The carnations, sunflowers  nestled in their garden dancing along  with the robustic breeze paused by the gates.
Now, the entrance is a hub of the bats, the owls and lost souls taking refuge under the piles of stale stock, files and blanket of documents scattered  everywhere .
The wires that were media shy have started posing for autographs keeping in with the current times
The lonely and bold Godrej lockers are stuffed  with heavy duty protein diets of important  documents and vouchers
An narrow hideout to a sliding door opens opportunities to have a look at own miseries of life looming in darkness
The overhead barren ceiling is a deadly testimony of life’s greatest setbacks a POP could face
losing its golden years of genetic beauty into the hands of a Rainy Romeo who escorted her leaving behind her family
of the good natured black suitcase, the archaeological folders bearing mentions of numerous achievements,the neighbourhood and company of the smart chaps(lockers), the concerned old woman with a long blue hooded gown at the corner etc
Few visitors do visit to let the dangy man know he has enough support to lean and leave the walking  stick aside
His estacy is heard and seen as he hums a old happy song when you click open the door and unlock to step into his Eden
Longing to lay his old bare wrinkled hands around  you
His teeth crackle with laughter just like the loomy walls in despair  caused by rainy romeo last monsoon
Smilingly nudging you to visit him soon.

Roseate sonnet – Creepy Tale

Leaves whispered to the woods
as the night grew on the earth
close to the lamppost
across the street.
The long deserted road
charred with stones
grinded itself
under the wheels
An owl sat in the corner on the rooftop
pensive on an old barricated house.
Remains a mystery as no visitor passes this way
On this day, this vehicle had dared to so
Stepping and opening the gates of that home, He walked inside
Even as the night grew afraid of the gory tale that was in store.

Copyright ©2015 by Elvira Lobo- Its My Life

Disclaimer: The image(s) in the post are taken from Google. I don’t claim any of its rights.


I sit amongst the heap of books in the corner of the shelf, immersed
in the secret work to find out clues before it turns twelve.
Each page brings a strange news as I flip it to and fro,nervously
rubbing my chin and tensed brow.

The lights are dim and low to keep away the unknown, and save myself

from the lone(area).

Suddenly,I hear a creepy sound making me jump, the jittery thoughts

gives me nervous goosebumps.

Assuring Ain’t anyone except me, I convince with jest;then I move

around to find a shadow on a page on the left.

I shriek at the dark shadow and reach out to hit , just then I feel

curious pain which pushes me off in just a minute.

Ouch, I cry in desperation and disgust, only to find myself down near my bed.

Unbelievable!!!, I get up and run to that house to find out the

truth, secretly reaching the room to find it empty without the old

shelf or any book.

What is this mystery about, a prank, a revenge or a plan to avoid any

search, I ponder on this during my return.

Strangely, I sense pain which refuses to calm,and there that shadow

has left behind a evil dark mark on my arm!!!
Published internationally in the book “Hiding in the Shadows” by Barry Mowles.

Copyright ©2012 by Elvira Lobo- Its My Life
(All rights reserved; unauthorized use prohibited)

Disclaimer: The image(s) in the post are taken from Google. I don’t claim any of its rights.