Pandorathon-17-May 2020- Every Minute Counts

It was late night, post 1.30 pm When I heard those footsteps again He murmured something in tandem So, I gathered he bought an accomplice to support his claim I was prepared too, under the… Read More »Pandorathon-17-May 2020- Every Minute Counts


The pebbles that catch fancy of many with its raw appeal does not leave the shore unless it is washed away by the currents or picked up by a traveller. It does not seek any… Read More »Pebbles

Trail of thought

This minute trail of waiting has been a long dotted one separated by pauses between them.what could it possibly do when there is a ban to build a peripheral of understanding?

Midnight Calling

The night has befallen, it is the perfect silence that has a intrigued tale. how is it that there is no sense of contentment but rather it challenges to fight each of them everyday giving… Read More »Midnight Calling


The casket submerged floats in the vacuumed surface of the blues,diluted on the peripheral dialysisas and when the rare indigo vists  it to insill the buried, hope of life