Honey So Sweet

Sweet Temptations

I lay beside you Nudging like chocolate on the fondue Sparkling this moment wet in  your lovely sugar syrup Sliding down into your creamy chestnut Covered with berries of kisses on my lips I bite… Read More »Sweet Temptations

Aerial Love

Nestled in her thoughts, he straightens his tie looking at her reflection. His eyes search for her in the aisle, ruffling through the chaos made by the screeching speakers. Today is the last time he… Read More »Aerial Love


Like the glaciers, we are melting into one Blending us together  so very deep Like a volcano, we are waiting to eruptFlaming out to the last ever degreeLike the eclipse, we have now obscured our… Read More »One

Honey So Sweet!!

I fly my wings faster to meet…Oh there you are…my Honey so sweet. I have travelled this far leaving my home….the beautiful nest called The Honey Comb. I see your shyness with your face hidden… Read More »Honey So Sweet!!