Flower Bud

She curled her legs closer
Waiting for the new dawn
Inside the womb, her only comforter
The unborn nucleus anticipated her time to be born  

Yes, her eyes opened  to greet her to a totally different world 
The once faint echo now voiced the singing of the birds

With every breath she took, she inhaled a potion of life
Life, that tickled her escastic  soul to do a  jive
The sun complemented her beauty by making her skin glow
and her feet kissed beneath the earth rested quietly low.
She felt like an angel with her gifted winged leaves
swaying along attached to her like sleeves
The sky welcomed her by showering white dewdrops from the deck
that looked pretty like a pearl necklace on her neck
With a folded hands, she took a bow in reverence thanking  the Creator
she vowed to live life best for she knew that few days from now, she would be dead sooner or later!!!

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My last I never knew- A letter from heaven

Woke up this morning as usual day to grab some more sleep,
My last I never knew, my fate had other plans.
I packed my school bag with books that were to fulfill my dream,
My last I never knew, my travel in my school van.
I pull my sweet little sister cheeks promising her a chocolate, kissing goodbye to my Mum,
My last I never knew; Ammi, just 12 years of life I had!
We have planned a weekend family trip, it’s since long we have had one,
My last I never knew; Abba, I get to see you smiling face, my loving dad!
School starts with prayer and worship to thank the Lord for each day,
My last I never knew, I would meet you all my dear friends.
Lectures begin as teacher teaches us a new chapter, as we recite the new verse as she says,
My last I never knew, I would sit on my favourite brown bench.
We write the new topic in our books as some naughtily play pranks that make us laugh,
My last I never knew, I would be marked Present in the attendance register.
I enjoy the new topic with our teacher animatedly enacts after she reads a paragraph,
My last I never knew, I wouldn’t be able to wipe out this day with an eraser.
Then it came, Ammi; that time we ignored the sudden thumping noises across the class,
I saw those few masked men holding guns barging in shooting our staff!
In seconds, I was down under my desk as I saw a bullet shattering our window’s glass,
A huge wail I heard I peered to see my best friend’s head slit into half.

I tried to get up instinctively but I couldn’t feel my legs,
Heartbroken and helpless as I saw my class turn into a death bed.
Don’t harm these young kids, my dear teacher cried and begged,
Those bad guys were really ruthless; one scorned at her and shot her dead.
I was scared Abba, really very scared; shivering and struggling with pain,
A huge explosion I saw burned down the entire wall of another class.
They forcibly pushed students down and randomly fired at them,
All fell like a pack of cards, blood smeared all across the mass.
I heard a deep feeble cry of my classmate lying next to me,
We together hopefully cringed behind another desk away from those glaring eyes.
I choked as I felt his hand turn cold suddenly,
No it was mine too; my chest throbbed as I saw them watch me die.
Ammi, Abba ; I love you and know it is difficult to bear this grief,
My last I never knew, my soul was so soon to be set free.
It is hard for me too to see you’ll like this, so please do not weep,
My last I never knew, I wish I could hug the two of you tightly.
I write this letter from heaven to you parents and everyone,
Behalf of all those who lost their lives and to mourning families.
I hope you adopt peace and don’t succumb or encourage any violence,
My last I never knew; keep that fire burning in your heart, wage out that terror together and let not another family bereave!!!

In solidarity to the victims of Peshawar incident, may their souls rest in Peace, Amen.
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Today I write this little note to you,
Melissa, Our Sweet Angel in your tribute.
Our life was blessed when you were gifted to us by the Lord,
Your cheerful smile and laughter’s held us in one chord.
We cherish each milestone you achieved with your positive vigour,
Nurturing and encouraging your talent and making our faith in you even bigger.
Yes, we were hurt and our hearts wept when you were taken away from us,
But your radiance of hope made us realize that God wished to raise you high with him to the heavens.
Melissa, we know that you are in the midst of us all as our loving Guardian Angel,
Whispering sweet messages to us in our dreams sitting near our beloved Evangel.
P.S:I still reminisce that I met only once where I heard you sing so beautifully with your mystical voice few years ago….but girl, you struck a lovely chord with my heart and my most loving Melissa -though i didn’t get a chance to speak to you much back then…I talk to now and always – through my verse—Love you Dear Angel Melissa !!!

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When Life takes a U turn !!!

 Sometimes we wish Life should be like this…..if Life were like that …..
but what when Life wishes to take a backseat…….!!!

Yeah, I am choked too to pen these words but my heart is waiting for pouring on these feelings.
This post is dedicated to one of my classmate, Aniruddha Rane in Mba class who fought his life against cancer. An jovial guy who had carefree nature, very good poet himself , a mind of his own having a dream to be someone big in life.

It was a sudden shock when we all came to know of him being unwell a few months back.Medication and Therapy made him more weak. The last time I saw him was at our Convocation accompanied with his parents where he could barely stand. Many said he was recovering…..and yeah he was wearing that smile on his face greeting everyone.
That evening I wrote a message to him on facebook – to bring in some life and cheer him a bit from his pain.

“Hi Aniruddha,
I knw you must be wondering frnd why i chose to msg you on fb….its coz i was too emotional to talk to you directly and choked to speak a word. Hey Aniruddh, I dont want you to feel low and brood over- always remember and knw happy and smiling Aniruddh right:). I knw u must be told a lot many times now to cheer up….dont worry ……so sorry to knw and all that…..so I wouldnt want to repeat again….
hey buddy…. all I would remember the happy times of your life…the motivating spirit of you to fight to achieve your dreams EG:the time when you proudly stood and decided you want to do Mba and work better ….the moment when u wer rebuked by frnds yet you stood your ground…..the funny antics of pulling others leg n yet keeping a straight face lol….
and not to forget the wonderful smiles and laughter you have bought in others life….your family and frnds .Also myself being a poet……I feel you have in you -your greatest strength – your words- feelings of poet- your poems- keep them- read them – follow them -share them- live them…..
God Bless -I wish to see you happy and well again and like a Phoenix -rise again:)
Like to finally end this note by sharing a poem I wrote years ago when I felt low:
Rising like a Phoenix……
Every failure I took by my stride, Overcoming them, that today fills me with pride.
Ambitious that I am, was eager to learn, But sometimes foolishness took over and let my hands burn!!!
Like a Phoenix, I was calm, when people around try to put me down.
Rising from the ashes of sorrow and flying high, Happily facing each challenge that come by,
Poising for future to be bright and shine, like the sky having a rainbow that displays rays of opaline( array of colours).
Months passed and recently I got the news that our friend has entered the heavenly abode……..
For now you have entered a new abode,
leaving your family and friends who without you feel lone.
Their lives revolved around you before,
so surely the pain is unexplainable and more.
But they live now in your angelic memory,
hope to fulfill all you wished and make you happy.
I can imagine you holding a quill writing down some poetry,
a message to all your dear ones which you recite softly in their dreams!!!

Copyright ©2013 by Elvira Lobo- Its My Life
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Ladder to Heaven

I climb the ladder of heaven on a short stopover,
It’s a chance I have got after God letting me over.
On entering in peaceful place difficult to define,
Sitting on the golden throne is the Divine.
It’s a huge expanse where angels are sitting on clouds, their chair,
The sparkling white all around makes my soul happy seeing this flair.
I touch a cloud to know if the vision is true,
And suddenly find myself standing on a cloud above the blue.
The cloud is like a train which guides me to a room,
Where all saints are gathered reciting the prayers and quite moments few.
Not disturbing them, I steal a look into another small space,
Where I see some of my loved ones who left me down and travelled to this place.
In happiness to meet them here after a long time, I wave out to them,
I hug them all, so cherished moments spent.
I convey my regards and fill in all the memories they missed,
They shower their blessings upon me and also a lovely kiss.
Then, I stand near the golden throne again,
where He is seated there waiting for me with a gleaming look which can’t be explained.
We share many thoughts and facts of life,
some good and some bad and some things that are just fine.
The spectacular beauty of heaven has overwhelmed my soul,
and want to stay for few more moments in this lovely peaceful dome.
But, He tells me “The Journey of Life has just begun for you, my girl,
Go, Live and spread the happiness of love through your words”.
Published in the book –INKLINKS” by Poets Corner Group.   
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