Tears of ink

A silent tune rings through my mind, To an unknown destination of a kind. My veins signal to a confusing end,  To take charge of and things to mend. I am now down and broke,… Read More »Tears of ink


I woke up to this freezing night, Darkness hidden behind cold curtains of white. All I could hear the silent whispers, Of My heart pounding to converse. I cuddled under my blanket slowly Stepping out… Read More »STRANGER’S SECRETS


HEARTBEATS My hearts beats on as you softly nudge my soul, Your perfume lingers within me transfixing all my thoughts, you seem to steal all moments and I am beginning to lose control. My heart… Read More »HEARTBEATS

A Broken Heart

The moment I looked at you, was flattered and amazed, tried every chance just to meet your gaze. But you didn’t seem to notice….. When I said a sweet Hi, You just shrugged and soon… Read More »A Broken Heart