Blazing with a headache Cringing with a heartache Sulken face Bitter taste Dying within Hopes dim Damp eyes Wailing Cries Pain,so hard to bear My feelings, with whom should I share??? Copyright ©2015 by Elvira Lobo-… Read More »Grief


Your kiss still lingers on my lipsA Wet passionate oneTempting with sensuous gripA Sweet taste stays on my tongue I try compose myself better to absorb this muchBut you arouse me  again with your velvety… Read More »Kiss

Short Verse- Embers

“Chambers of my  heart  breathe till the last hope left, Embers of fire burn down, the one called Love to rest”                  -ELVIRA  Copyright ©2014 by Elvira Lobo- Its… Read More »Short Verse- Embers

Short Verse- Connect

mind to mind heart to heart a message we share what joy we find to see our new relation start our feelings we bare. mind to mind heart to heart to love unconditionally is our… Read More »Short Verse- Connect