He conqueredher heart finallyThis timeWeaponless

Napowrimo 7- Murk

He felt her traces The ones she had left for him A memory stitched on a handkerchief And one that had been transplanted inside his chest Her murky face forced him to smile for a… Read More »Napowrimo 7- Murk


You did work your way inside my heartYeah you didOnly not enough to my too rational mind Copyright ©2016 by Elvira Lobo- Its My Life

Coated Tales

Like a soulless body,You walked swiftly into my heartBefore I could wear my coatHe sniggered at her putting on the waistcoatYeah I did, could you just wait And let me breathe in hereReplied the striped… Read More »Coated Tales

Hearty Messages

I hear the ring of the messagesfrom countless hearts waiting to telluntold stories as they sit down to penConnecting the dots, I read to know and enjoy different thoughts and emotions,a poet’s world is a truly… Read More »Hearty Messages

Ticking moment

Like the flickering flameOf the oil lamp in her room,Her heart fluttered at every minuteThe floor couldn’t pass on the heatTo her bare cold legs on the cotShe stared quietly at the door Waiting for him… Read More »Ticking moment