Is it true or only I can feel my soul wobble
Knowing my life has turned totally tumultuous
That it ticked off initally at a slow pace
To achieve a vivid dream without any support
Then with time, all the efforts and hardwork paid off
they help me groom myself to lead and outshine
But I lost few fragments that belonged to me
sacrifices that chose to shed its grip silently
Jostling between my values and responsibilities
I did things on my own accord
Sometimes listening to my heart
And sometimes my mind
But never together, I wonder why!
Probably it chose to disagree and preferred to be rather snipped off
So often I am in doldrums
Trying to find a strong foothold
Coz one step behind dumps me to nothing
And step farther will cost me my arm
While hopelessly at present
I am verge of losing everything in between
At an insane level and price
And the common factor and brutal truth
I cannot find my heart in any of it
But can I back out now, of course not!

Based on the Image prompt -Bruno Catalano is a French sculptor, most renown for creating sculptures of figures with substantial sections missing.

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napowrimo- 1.1- april 2020- self potrait

You work in solitude
Calming your mind to phrase your thoughts
Those that have been pushed to the corners of your heart
The one that you can feel the pulse of life

You work in solitude
Disseminating it for your new found world
Of power and wealth,
adorned by your undivided attention

You work in solitude
Pretending  to be unaffected
You proclaim that you can live without me
Having challenged the destiny to keep me away
Even striking off my presence sans any guilt

You work in solitude
Listing out all the accolades and achievements
Every  merit and credits you earned all these years
The adolescence that paved through the next planned goals
Unwavered by unhealthy opinions and circumstances

You work in solitude
The ego gaining all its prominence
Your passion, success are all aligned today
Not abridged by the lateral existence of me.

I, called Love was dominant in your Life until then
Where we dreamt  about different things together
Spending  hours discussing about different topics
One that we wished to lead a change in this society, in particular, and later the world

We chalked to- do lists, various  agendas
A participant to every activity alongside  you
Then, you began to slowly abandon me
Preferring to stay in solitude or joining others
Coz, I was mere accomplice
According to you, which didn’t garner much likes
Failed to attribute much fame
Nor provided scope for the desired wealth.

I sit now in solitude
In the corner of your disowned heart
Holding on thy veins of hope
For materialistic world may make you rich
Only Love, your ardent lover will stand besides you in the end.

 Copyright © 2020- 7th April by Elvira Lobo
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