Tinged Life

Lets add some colours to our lifeOn our daily thoughts and momentsSketching few shades from the palette highlighting the most cherished  onesLets share some  colours  of  life with  othersToday let not ego, insecurities be a… Read More »Tinged Life


Tonight, I see the painted skyGoing on a date with the moon.Wearing a jacket of blackish greyHe has tucked his lavender shirt With a star studded buttons few.Holding his beloved hand,the beautifully white  dressed moonThe… Read More »Thunderstruck

Galaxy of flowers

He gardened the galaxy of flowersInside the chest of the earthWatering the saplings to give birthHappy buds greeted him soonjoyous was he that his efforts were an boon            He sprinkled some silver on the petals… Read More »Galaxy of flowers

Shores of Life

Walk on the shores of life, My Love,let not the waves stop you,Drench your feet inside the sands, My Lovelet the warm earth feel you.Freely travel  the world outside.let the anchor be you. Copyright ©2015 by… Read More »Shores of Life


Slide through this wayLike dewdrops on the leavesSway around this dayLike waves across the sea.Let’s chill and rejuvenateSparing some time as freeRelax and smile inviting everyone, Give the mind a break please. Copyright ©2015 by Elvira… Read More »Chillax

Oceanic Merry

The blue ocean danced todayTo the joyous beats of the rainsTapping and swaying to the movesOf the coast that boisterously cruised.The dolphins waved to the cloudsDiving the corals towards the shore.Sweeping and gladiating through the… Read More »Oceanic Merry