Voices of the Saplings

You are the reason for our smilesthe sunshine to our dreamsthe roots we belong toYou are the chlorophyll to our leavesWe can stay without waterbut not a day without youYou are the creator of this… Read More »Voices of the Saplings


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Galaxy of flowers

He gardened the galaxy of flowersInside the chest of the earthWatering the saplings to give birthHappy buds greeted him soonjoyous was he that his efforts were an boon            He sprinkled some silver on the petals… Read More »Galaxy of flowers

Tell Me Dear

Shall I pretend or hide away my glancefrom the rooftops, behind the huge barksor  shadows laid on the ground.Shall  I borrow a magnifying glass to look at youor climb the wings of a bird to… Read More »Tell Me Dear

Tree Tales

Chirpy little birds sing a songSitting on a branch of an old barkSongs that are simple versesBut have an impactful mark.Their twigs nest loosely dangles on one   Just like the wings of a tiny fellow… Read More »Tree Tales