Pandorathon-12- May 2020-Are you Named as “Elvira”

You know there is some strong connection between us Elvira. I just wonder how chronologically different yet the moments were similar. I was always intrigued when others mentioned the meaning of their name at school… Read More »Pandorathon-12- May 2020-Are you Named as “Elvira”

A Silent Prayer

Lift me up Oh Lord from the shackles of sadness,depressed thoughts,broken heart , negativity.Lift me up Oh Lord from the rain thatdrenches me black in the muck of people’s jealously,greed and mockery.Lift me up Oh… Read More »A Silent Prayer

Lavender Skies

I reach for the lavender skies abovefrom the bluish ink belowshooting an arrow of hopetowards it covered with snowRising upwards, it adds many colours to the hues glowing beautifully in the shade of the gold and tinge… Read More »Lavender Skies