As The King of good times plonked his bum into the couch
After a hearty lunch, he sipped on Fresh N juicy Frooti
He felt a rush of blood gushing through his veins
That seemed to saying Where ever you go, our network follows
As his son who was known for his Bajate Raho attitudes
Had this time managed to create yet another ruckus
The Unputdownable kid was Born Tough with ideas
Had successfully placed a dart upright on the couch to aim it 
What could the poor king do,
After all, he wondered in pain, Tedha hai par mera hai
As the son kept mumbling Daddy,  Jiyo sar utha ke!
Kingfisher : The King of Good Times
Frooti : Fresh N Juicy
Hutch : Where ever you go , our network follows
Red FM: Bajate raho
Telegraph: The Unputdownable
Ceat : Born Tough
Kurkure-Tedha hai par mera hai?
HDFC Std Life: Jiyo sar utha ke

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Pandorathon-8-May 2020- Mona Lisa and Kantabai

Mona, dear Mona
I know it has taken so long
To capture you into my art that feels like a endless song
Time will take note of every effort and pain
That will withhold its own aura and you will reign

Mona, dear Mona
Sit still like this
Just like other day felt like a bliss
Your effortless poise attracts me so more
The artist in me has found its destiny and core

Mona, dear Mona
How well you emote through your eyes I say
I need to perfectly sketch it before I paint

Leo, dear Leo
Can I take a two minutes break
I will get us some water
For both's sake

Mona, dear Mona
Came you so early
In this dim light, you look so eloquent like goddess fairy
Wipe off that tinge of red on your lips
Water did you have or a milkshake of strawberry dips?

Mona, dear Mona
I feel something special about you now
With the addition of that flower on your crown
The fall of your hair over your shoulders make me amaze
Did I hear a tinkle on your feet or me feeling dazed?

Mona, dear Mona
How exquisite you look with that curve on your hip
Next time sure I will capture it without a slip
Ah, did I see your belly button or did I imagine it all
I know, but remember the patience will see its glory tall

Mona, dear Mona
Look here at me
Let me capture your eyes
Though looks kohled more than twice
Smile dear beauty, with all grace
This is art is in tribute of your praise

Leo, dear Leo
Did you not clearly see
I am here standing at this corner
And you are so lost in this new found beauty

Kantabai, dear Kantabai
Who did you let in thee
Here is a lady
Who tried to impersonate me

Monaji O Monaji
Aho, mee aali,
Oops, my bad
Sorry please sorry
Ah, dear Kantabai
Don't you giggle like that,
At once, I will sue you
For jeopardising my life with hardly a combat

Mona, dear Mona
What have I done
Apologies for this, my mind is on a run
Paint will I not now for sure
Patience is what I need to get cured
My heart feels heavy, all emotions tanked
This art is managed to hold its own in everything it is flanked.

Aho, mee aali(Marathi language) - I am coming 
~Written a Rap on #MonaLisa and Kantabai 
Copyright©2020-18th May by Elvira Lobo (All rights reserved; unauthorized use prohibited) Disclaimer: The image(s) in the post are taken from Google. I don’t claim any of its rights.

napowrimo- 24- april 2020- PUNS , MALAPROPISMS and/or SPOONERISMS

I told you how to butter her right
Effortlessly like everything is alright
She would melt quickly like a cheese on a toast
Her anger would mild away from the coast
But she came here fanning her anger at me
Telling me you actually didn't butter but butted her outrightly
And praising her for quality of turning a piece of ghost
In that new overall of orange overcoat
Ah, How do I mend it now, I think
For both of you are drowned your face to the sink(brink)
That errors may pose mirrors on a display
Too large to ignored or stranded this way
Sandwiched is me little podgy feet
Listen you girl , he wasn't trying to offend you
I volunteer on his behalf
Look at him, He is so aimlessly sorry,
What he meant that you look like heaps of sunshine
A rare bumpkin in our midst
He tells me you hold a special place in his heart
Like a salmon floating in his liver (Ouch)
Yes, dear, you are so sour and peeling that we are always shut up for words
I blurted out while I saw two sets of gritted teeth staring at me

Prompt – “Humour is a serious thing . I like to think of it as our greatest earliest natural resources , which must be preserved at all cost. “- James Thurber
We have”Hasya Ras ” as one of the nine Ras .
Write a humorous poem dealing with any relevant/topical issue or on something that you feel like bashing your head against gnashing your teeth .
A MUST use of either
is mandatory

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napowrimo- 19-april 2020- lockdown lunch

There is no chaos today at the table
Wonder why, isn’t everybody there?
The sullen masked Raven peeks into the window
Stunned to see the Cheshire Cat giving a damn stare
One of the pesky rats wriggle to tone down the scene
Offers to open the window screen
All three sit at a distance
Each of them seated on a chair
‘The answer is blowin’ in the wind’ the tv anchor states
A virus called Corona has been taking the flair.
This has caused a huge havoc,
For humans are caught unawares
Look, it isn’t just them, we are too,
Rationing out food and mostly milk is a big feat
Arranging her curls, the Cheshire cat informs
My  fav fish and meat is becoming rare
Oh, yes, you are right, replied the frugal rat
The lockdown is much needed to curtail the odds
But this has caused my moments of privacy and freedom, he chuckles
Coz , nowadays, both the Piper and me find ourselves scavenging through the kitchen square
Nodding his head, the masked Raven sanitizes his hands
While they arrange out all the plates
Let me have quick morsel, he pleads, tired of waiting at the market today,
Some are still being hoarded by human’s disgrace
They continue to chit chat about their concerns
And have prepared a daily routine
From binge watching the sunrise, sipping on cold milk
Nibbling on the sweet corns and  flexing  their muscles
To name a few, they are quite steady on their quarantine
Hi, I am bored, What do I do,  I declare as they finish off their meals
The Cheshire cat comes and leans next to me near the mirror
Letting out a subtle smirk through her reflection with folded arms,
She suggests, Dear Elvira, The answer is blowin’ in the wind!”

The prompt for today is an imaginary conversation among the Cheshire Cat of Lewis Carroll, The Raven of Edgar Allen Poe and one of the pesky rats, of The Pied Piper of Hamelin, which refuses to be lured away by the Piper. The terrific threesome meet in the corona virus times and get talking. The conversation is to be embellished by the refrain of The answer is blowin’ in the wind.

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Napowrimo 15 – Limerick 4

He pulled out a chair
After briefing to the pair
Our foundation is strong,Need not to worry at all
Our buildings have world class facilities including a big mall
The chair gave way, he suffered a ligament tear.

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