Come, My Love

I can sense your presencewith the ruffle of the windand steps I can hear coming closer to the door of my heart.Come soon dear, I am waiting for youto see you, feel you morereaching my soul before… Read More »Come, My Love


I belonged to you long before I could knowEven before you  became my  oasisA livewire  that needed no chordA genesis of my existenceI owe you my every breathMy liberationWith you, I walk along the coastal… Read More »Belong

My Best Companion

You became the mould That I could fit into Knowing well that I could burn you with my heat And freeze you with my cold Yet Lord, you chose to stay And continue to be… Read More »My Best Companion

Still Writing

I scribble a few linesrevisiting the times I spent with youThe beautiful togethernessthat even these pages wouldn’t suffice In your name, I reliveevery momentthat brings tears and smiles You became the dawn to my darkness, the oxygen to… Read More »Still Writing


You are an Ore In my sea bedYou were minedFrom the earthly lifeTo be OneBut dear love, you were not refinedAnd never shall beI love you as you are! Copyright ©2015 by Elvira Lobo- Its My… Read More »Ore

My Wish

On the bed I sit holding my chestAs my lungs are troubled with this coughI sip some water and take some medicineTasting bland and then awfully bitter.Gingerly, I pack and seal the last page tooAlong… Read More »My Wish