Galaxy of flowers

He gardened the galaxy of flowersInside the chest of the earthWatering the saplings to give birthHappy buds greeted him soonjoyous was he that his efforts were an boon            He sprinkled some silver on the petals… Read More »Galaxy of flowers

Tell Me Dear

Shall I pretend or hide away my glancefrom the rooftops, behind the huge barksor  shadows laid on the ground.Shall  I borrow a magnifying glass to look at youor climb the wings of a bird to… Read More »Tell Me Dear


Like the petals of a flower,Keep me cushioned in your arms.Let me rest my worries away for a whileBear my tantrums,And let me bloomBe my morning dew,And kiss me awake to your sunshine eyes. Copyright ©2015… Read More »Petal

Flower Bud

She curled her legs closerWaiting for the new dawn Inside the womb, her only comforterThe unborn nucleus anticipated her time to be born   Yes, her eyes opened  to greet her to a totally different world … Read More »Flower Bud