pandorathon-historical fiction- trip to gateway of india

The most beautiful architecture of Mumbai- Gateway of India
GATEWAY OF INDIA, MUMBAI. Photo by Darshak Pandya from Pexels

It is dawn when the sun peers through behind a flock of birds over this way, Gateway of India. His shadow overlooks my courtyard heart. Over the years since the twentieth century , when he was born out of courtesy to welcome the British monarchs to finally leading his youth to celebrate India’s independence.

He has been an epitome of grace, valour and positivity. Having a grand stature, he has enjoyed the native fishermen company, visits of the royals and ministers and witness to countless army battalions. Even the Arabian Sea loves to walk her way leading to him.

His effervescent presence enticed even the beautiful Taj Mahal Palace to stay just few blocks away. Well, he is quite a gentleman that he smiles and welcomes every visitor and captures their attention, sharing pleasantries of peace and friendship.

Even in times of despair like the bomb blasts of 2003 and terror attacks of 26/11 attack, he stood strong guarding the city gateway and hoping to safeguard the people. He tries to stay away from the hypocrites who flock nearby making false claims to others. This man has been witness to both Highs and lows of society; the festive, the triumphs and also sad incidents like murders and eve teasing.

Today, while he is surrounded by jetties, the hullabaloo of the locals and foreigners , he cares for the activists , campaigners  who have gathered for a cause to transform, ignite minds and remind them of the facts they usually ignore blaming the hectic schedules.

He wears a distinct smile throughout the day for the visitors who seek to capture him for keepsake, for the street vendors and photographers to earn a living and be proud of their work. Even after a long day, he doesn’t bogged up by the illumination he is bestowed at night even after all these years.

I feel words aren’t enough to pay tribute to this Jewel of the city. And well, if you wonder about me, then I am his constant companion where you flock to catch a glimpse of him, kneel to take a perfect pose, gather your bags for a scenic experience.

Yes , I am that courtyard before him whom I ardently gaze at  my beloved to the pages of history, the print of the present and ink of the future.

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Pandorathon- 14-May 2020- Break Up Letter – A Closure

break up rust

Dear Q,

Hi, there Q. Surprised aren’t you to find this letter . Well, I am too, considering the fact that since  last we met, we left leaving many questions, doubts hanging  in midair and cared less to answer or even oblige it.

Does the expresso coffee still remind you of those bitter coffee beany allegations we perfectly mouthed at each other. You know Q, from the time we have separated, do you actually realize we haven’t been sleeping on time or eating right and even coming up the weirdest possible excuses to stay away for a project. Hugs to those memories when we were added different layouts and frames to beautify our Love rather than keeping  a default set-up and pale faces. It doesn’t work that way right?

I am writing this to finally put words to our infinite silences, awkward glances, sly blinks that have been courting through a rough patch. I do owe  all that you very well introduced me that opened my perspective in different aspects of life. I am trying hard to avoid the gazes that you put across like a hot blazing cocoa and also managing myself to stop milking those past memories.

But, we cannot remain tagged together in every slide but present our faces separately to the world and specially to our shunted egos. Can we?


Your last slide

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Pandorathon-11-May 2020- A Portfolio of Wise Investments

(Handwritten Letter)
Dear Love,
By the time you find this letter, you must have already finished preparing your presentation. The tea that I got for you from the Cafeteria must have turned cold. But, I needed to pen down my feelings on this paper I found near the printer. Thanks for your patience for sharing those hot bhajias. They were sizzling crispy just like your cheesy one- liners .
Are you interested to join on a date this evening. The market is closed and well the number crunch still remains. But isn’t our alliance like SIP’s, investing gradually and wisely to perfect our future together.
Your engaging partner

(printed Letter)
Dear Investor,
I hope you are doing good and happy to know you loved the Appreciation you have been receiving for your investments. Also, looking at the NAV and Cagr that has been going steady , I hopefully predict you will soon want to have a personalized portfolio designed by me to make you life more exciting and fulfilling.
To cater to your needs and requirements, Thanks for arranging a meeting so that I can provide strategic guidance and consultancy services this evening. Whether the market zips or dooms , this advisor will make sure that your interests are in safe hands.
I have enclosed a few brochures – please choose your next preferred stocks carefully so that we can further have an intimate discussion in future.
Flip the page- Had to be discreet with this onlooker glancing at me every now and then
Your relationship cum fund manager

Written on the prompt – Exchange of love letters between two lovers. ( 500 words/flash fiction)

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Pandorathon-7-May 2020- A Chance Encounter

The whole town at come to a standstill on this weekend . The usual hustle of cars vrooming was absent and surprisingly this road wore a deserted look. The only occupied canopy in a small outlet was crowded by an airhostess who has missed her flight, a pirate who was scouting for his next ship, a drunkard who had managed to climb up the tree house, a writer who wandered like his dreams and most shocking was to a find Politician who had crept into a chair as his car broke down a mile ago, nowhere to go. He was the only one frantically calling up his subordinates to make arrangements to get him out of this mess. The air hostess was grumpy at the carbs she must have put on as just a while ago she binged on a cheese toast, French fries and medium sized bugger . The pirate and drunkard looked lost in this bunch offering each other baits to come up with an appealing idea to reach the city. The writer sat hunched at his laptop with no wifi , just editing his last work of poetry.

The politician made an announcement, that whosoever he considers worthy will get a chance to join him to the only seat available in the cab that was arrive anytime soon. The pirate lunged at this opportunity by quoting prices of oil refineries and cruises best known to him that bring fortunes to politician and lead him out. The drunkard offered his references at every bar and wine shops he knew to get a discount for the get-together the politician regularly had at his bungalow. The airhostess coyly volunteered to provide the best services to all his staff and guests under her purview and also assuring his private aircraft gets a green signal at all times. The politician was surprised at the writer who whimsically didn’t partake in this offer and nudged him to do so.

The car arrived and the Politician told the writer to tag along. All were shocked and peeked into the laptop screen ,which read as “Am I not your write -hand man who would curate all your speeches?”.

Prompt -You have five characters and five locations. You need to choose one character and one location and spin a tale of not more than 300 words. For the more adventurous, you can use more than one character. Have fun. Characters:          1. Air hostess 2. Pirate 3. A drunkard 4. Writer 5. Politician  Location: 1. A deserted road 2. Wedding reception 3. Abandoned building 4. Beach 5. Airport

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Pandorathon-1- May 2020- Parkside View

We have been walking along the lane in the summer evenings of May. It had become a routine for so called evening walks that our feet got fed up of the crude terrace tops and bylanes and was in search of a new spot. The park nearby seemed perfect and suddenly we almost sprinted even though there were a good four hours to go. The decade old arched gate welcomed us with a creak. We didn’t mind it all as our eyes hovered around the expanse of the park with its lustrous trees holding their guard at every few steps. The orangish tile blockade was dedicated to walking track overlooking the now defunct pond . We took a stroll having a peculiar view of the ice-cream seller pitching his treat to the parents, children crawling into the sands, teenagers posing for selfies and couples looking at the sunset.

We climbed over a ledge to catch a glimpse of the pigeons tip- toeing over the edges of the pond, flowers sitting docile in their bed and the sun slowing descending under our noses. The warm wind fiddled with our hats and moreso our frayed skin, hopefully no one pick us for looking like baked potatoes. We took a break into our water bottles and sat on a bench that was rickety on the ends. An extra  see-saw which had no handles to save from sliding or toppling over near the area marked for cricket.

Thankfully, an old man joined us, and we were balanced in our frame of mind and bodies. He smiled and carefully wiped his spectacles while we offered him some chips. He thanked us and nibbled on few chips joining us to gaze over the children trying some acrobats . “There is a sorrow that lingers in old parks”,the old man said looking around wistfully. “No , don’t think so Uncle”, I murmured. He chuckled at us and pointed out to the extreme corner, “ Look, there was a entire pergola set-up until few years ago, where so many families took turns to sit and gather around . This pond was filled to the brim and the sun shone like a dazzling gold. There was a array of ice- cream, tea, toys, snacks, juices sellers having their entire cart stationed at the entrance of the park.  The kids used to gather around the balloon and bubble seller for hours. The cricket area was once a beautiful garden outlet that was highlight of this park, a witness to many picnics, birthday and  get- togethers.

There were no sections outlined unlike now, rather we liberally walked to the length and breadth of the park, across all age- groups. The tulips that burrow behind us were once the garlands that groomed the entire place . Many of us have had built new friendships that have lasted much more than these new lousy tracks and obsession filled workout set up. The park was a place of rejuvenation once we came back from our work or have a beautiful day with our family and friends  on weekends. Unlike today, most of them are isolated  with the phones or detached to some lingering thoughts to their own. ” Surely as we both nodded in agreement, we knew this was one walk to remember!

Prompt- Use this line in your flash fiction of 500 words-“There is a sorrow that lingers in old parks”,the old man said looking around wistfully.

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