Lost Hope

Walk with meAnd be my guide  Fly along with meAnd be my wingsI am tired of all this painSo Lift me in your armsBut Stop testing my self belief  O Dear Life, If not better… Read More »Lost Hope


I longed for you,setting aside my lifedreaming about our future togetheryour words were my solaceaccepting everything under the sunwilling to change and adjust to uncertaintieswithout any  prejudices or complainsI was ready to walk on unknown… Read More »Irked

Fading smile

Till yesterday She was smiling through her pain Burning within Behind the curtains of her tears Suddenly, everything turned dim She breathed her last Succumbing to the flame One hope that left Silently Now her memories… Read More »Fading smile


Terribly hurtI was hit by a jolta blow that sliced my heart into piecesand it didn’t stop at thatBruised gorilyeven my grieved eyes forgot to crylifeless soul muffled its voice in silenceand body deserted itself… Read More »Inferno

Short Verse- Embers

“Chambers of my  heart  breathe till the last hope left, Embers of fire burn down, the one called Love to rest”                  -ELVIRA  Copyright ©2014 by Elvira Lobo- Its… Read More »Short Verse- Embers


I toil till dark for  our sake, Withering in flames of coal don’t engulf my spirit, All sympathies for me just proof fake Sharp comments and taunts I am to live with. I sincerely adjust… Read More »BLAZING SOUL