We met againA gentle flame flickered to Life


The embers rose high in the skyof guilt and jealousy that brooded over mindsthe ashes left on the earthcringed the living hearts mourning their plightslowly the ashes smeared on the forehead are turning strongin the… Read More »Ashes

Clearing the cliches

How much more will you break the glass of its tired windowskeep the lamp with an extinguished- oil on his palmspatch the cracked parts with a temporary glue of hopepester the damp eyes to refrain… Read More »Clearing the cliches

Smothered truth

The choola burns in a corneremitting ray of hopeTo the hungry stomachs that play aroundOn the end, not far awayFlames of despair blazeIn bomb attacks   


I am walking with my bruised feet On the sands of a timeless painWith an withered body trying to trace the wings of the windsThe volatile tremor to my soul is sharply piercing Forcing my… Read More »Timeless