The embers rose high in the sky
of guilt and jealousy that brooded over minds
the ashes left on the earth
cringed the living hearts mourning their plight
slowly the ashes smeared on the forehead are turning strong
in the agony of revenge
they feel they do no wrong
a bait to make things even
is marked on their slate
the hurt snayers will have their heads presented on their plates.

Clearing the cliches

How much more will you break the glass of its tired windows
keep the lamp with an extinguished- oil on his palms
patch the cracked parts with a temporary glue of hope
pester the damp eyes to refrain from any tearshed
when it has all been broken long ago,left alone
what will you achieve , seek now when the grave was already dug


I am walking with my bruised feet
On the sands of a timeless pain
With an withered body trying to trace the wings of the winds
The volatile tremor to my soul is sharply piercing
Forcing my frail body to crumble into pieces
Inside a haunting dark coffin
Laying beneath the earth.
There, I stay still as my rotten leftover flesh oozes out of me
Blood and watery filth is leaving my crevices
Rotten, crude
I am turning blind as these flimsy bones can’t stop my eyes bulge out of the sockets
As my neck has turned stiff and numb cold
I somehow sense a relief though as I hear the crackle of my bones
Celebrating this moment of a corpse
But this corpse is still alive- strange
This emptiness sans any echo looms around the length of this tomb
Surrounded by bugs who suck more into my corroded veins
No apathy lies in this disregarded careless body
To fight and save itself
Nor do I cry or cringe

When the suffocated moth colours me.

Copyright ©2015 by Elvira Lobo- Its My Life

Disclaimer: The image(s) in the post are taken from Google. I don’t claim any of its rights.