napowrimo- 17- april 2020- forgiveness

Forgive me for being your shadow That ticked away in daylight Forgive me for Instilling hope That was fairly good only in familiar places Forgive me for driving slogans Which was abandoned after a long… Read More »napowrimo- 17- april 2020- forgiveness


The pebbles that catch fancy of many with its raw appeal does not leave the shore unless it is washed away by the currents or picked up by a traveller. It does not seek any… Read More »Pebbles


the eagle tattoo on his handthe crease ¬†on his sleevethe wrinkles on his foreheadthe dimple on his cheekthe half pouted lipsthe few grey strands of his haira handsome hunk who is waiting for his turn… Read More »Crush

Clearing the cliches

How much more will you break the glass of its tired windowskeep the lamp with an extinguished- oil on his palmspatch the cracked parts with a temporary glue of hopepester the damp eyes to refrain… Read More »Clearing the cliches