Kohled Eyes

Her kohled eyes  Spelt his thoughtsLined with daily wishTo get a glimpse of him Copyright ©2015 by Elvira Lobo- Its My Life Disclaimer: The image(s) in the post are taken from Google. I don’t claim any… Read More »Kohled Eyes

Sleepless Night

Oh night, can you put me sleep My insomniac eyes are still staring wide                    the unending silence is disturbing It is makes me nervous and keeps me awake with frightOh night, can you also tag… Read More »Sleepless Night

If only

I only hopedNo I probably longed forthat the specks of your memorieswould be wiped with my tearsBut nothing has changed yetI stay awakeAs my eyes still search for you in dreams!!! Copyright ©2015 by Elvira Lobo-… Read More »If only


Like the petals of a flower,Keep me cushioned in your arms.Let me rest my worries away for a whileBear my tantrums,And let me bloomBe my morning dew,And kiss me awake to your sunshine eyes. Copyright ©2015… Read More »Petal

Love Beyond Times

He walks closer graciously with a smile leaning his head to my ears I can smell his fragrance captivating just like his personality freezing me to stay still Seconds, probably moments passed, absolute silence stays… Read More »Love Beyond Times