A Reminder

It stays as a reminder every monsoonA portion still dampLays hidden behind those cracked walls 500th poem inked -Its my Life poetical journey has start begun


I am no more the same a part of me has withered away like the white dahilas  you left on my grave…

Letter to My Love

My Love,Loving you does not need a reasonjust like your sweet whispers that become my dreamEven when you may not grab me in your embraceI can’t ignore your scent that gathers around meMy heart pens… Read More »Letter to My Love

Happily Ever After

Cuddle me some Snuggle me some Kiss me more Miss me more Breathe together Dream together Share some fun and more laughter Lets Live and Love together happily ever after Copyright ©2015 by Elvira Lobo- Its… Read More »Happily Ever After


You are the reason for my existence That inspire my lungs breathe a lil more                             Your very presence is so  satisfying… Read More »Existence