Drifting alongI walkOn dewy green grasses  Of new lifelike bloomsDrifting along I flySitting on the carpetOf my dreamsBut don’t both of them;the earth and the skiesHave an unusual reservoirOf empty spaces ahead?Whom do I chose… Read More »Dilemma


I longed for you,setting aside my lifedreaming about our future togetheryour words were my solaceaccepting everything under the sunwilling to change and adjust to uncertaintieswithout any  prejudices or complainsI was ready to walk on unknown… Read More »Irked


I have a little hope that things will change, The past is over, the future stands behind a veil. I am trembling with caution to take a step forth, With pure emptiness in my heart,… Read More »Wounded


I feel an sense of emptiness without you, Your distance from me is far more throbbing that your betrayal. I feel that void when I think about you, Just  like the sky would seem with… Read More »EMPTY REFLECTIONS