dying soul


My hands gel very well with the white marbelas my fingertips scrape a portionsqueaking in pain alouddrowning my echoed thudof tears that fell to my bare feethanging in midairwith the motionless eyes wanderingaway to the… Read More »Deadly


I am walking with my bruised feet On the sands of a timeless painWith an withered body trying to trace the wings of the windsThe volatile tremor to my soul is sharply piercing Forcing my… Read More »Timeless


Terribly hurtI was hit by a jolta blow that sliced my heart into piecesand it didn’t stop at thatBruised gorilyeven my grieved eyes forgot to crylifeless soul muffled its voice in silenceand body deserted itself… Read More »Inferno


He was walking briskly to reach on time,Leading swiftly through the speeding cars and bikes.He could hear his heartbeat thumping loudly,Admist the chaos and slogans the rioters shouted angrily.He had to be there for his… Read More »THAT MOMENT