Pandorathon-12- May 2020-Are you Named as “Elvira”

elvira name

You know there is some strong connection between us Elvira. I just wonder how chronologically different yet the moments were similar. I was always intrigued when others mentioned the meaning of their name at school or when teachers said.. Be true to your name. When I was in school, I had one of my friend always addressing as El-vayh-ruh unlike other classmates. One day, when I asked her, she confided much to my amusement about a Elf story she had known. And that’s where my mission began.

I asked my mother who told me that Dad named me from a beautiful Names book,though until then she had chosen something beautiful from P. But surprisingly to this day, she doesn’t recollect that name as she loved this name more. How mom, why can’t you?She says it was beautiful name-Was it Priya, Pearl or Patricia (there) I asked her back then. Mama, sure you could write it down somewhere, but all she says.. I loved Elvira instantly … But yeah that could be Patricia too.

My dad’s mom name is Elizabeth so my dad chose Elvira, what could it mean was my new found obsession after school. I pestered my Dad, a man of few words challenged me , it’s meaning can be found in any dictionary. What! But I wouldnt give up. I daily checked some amazing words and showed if it may be the chosen one. But ans was simply No.
Later that quest was fulfilled by intro of Internet. I Googled my name. Obviously now, you know it’s meaning. I did find Elvira-mistress of the dark, the mention of elves. I was too ecstatic that I actually downloaded the “Oak Ridge Boys’ original song and played it everyday. For one of her class, my sister told me she has Elvira at home and Elveera as partner in school. From that day, whenever I used to meet her, I used to wear such a bright smile to greet Elveera that my sis called it sometimes too creepy.

Apart from my regular day-dreaming that I do to this very day, I searched about meaning of #Elvira and there were zillion of searches – meaning white or beautiful, its Spanish origin, it’s history and popularity etc. At one point of time, I was even obsessed with Spanish language, Spanish songs, team Spain of Fifa.

But when I discussed with Dad, he said you are yet to seek its real meaning. Ah! Then, one day I triumphed with most obvious word I ignored until then. Elvira means Truth in Spanish . I actually celebrated like I had won a war and my mother thought her girl had gone cuckoo.Truly, I was felt special for an introvert like me who found her zen.

Today, I am addressed by all possible nicknames starting with Elvi, Elu, Elu blue, Aloe-kobo, Aloevera, Ellie etc. Over the years, I got a chance to see few Elveeras’. But for the 1st time, I got a chance to interact with ‘Elvira’ here in TSL group who writes about her magical world, a perfect fantasy for dreamer like me.

Flash back- After my elaborate research and findings of achieving a feat of knowing my name, my sister was lured into this. Her name was selected by Dad from that same book… And all she finds closer to her name is surnames but no exact meaning or spelling. She has given up pacifying herself it is unique. But I get a chance to tell her… You are incomplete without me… which has the entire name except two letters.

P. S : That beautiful name book is still mystery!

Written with an intention to explore the world around my name “#Elvira” and the tryst to find/met more Elvira’s then and now and possible future 🙂

napowrimo- 6- april 2020- on bosch’s painting – The Garden of Earthly Delights – letter from adam

letter from adam
Hello Bosch, I am taking you on voyage of my life
About the world that began few days before I came,
God indeed has created a paradise
That hours aren’t enough to explore each place
I swam through the oceans with all adieu
Under the gleaming sun, along with the fishes forming a crew
I walked on the lustrous patches green
Feeling my body achieve an unknown tranquility
The blue sky is adorned with different species of birds
Few from the Arctic , so magnificent they appeared
We have now formed a community of our own
Birds, animals , including the plants and flowers grown
Come ,dear Bosch,  would you like to paint me
To tell the world what happened of lately
I wandered everywhere only to find my dream
God created her from my rib, called Eve
I learned to love, to live life wisely
To adore, to feel blessed by God almighty
With time, Eve became my muse, and I her’s
But the evil cast his eye and we were forever cursed
Wasn’t our Faith meant to be strong, that greed overtook its stake
Our nakedness made us shameful, mindful of the mistakes we made
I felt like I had been kicked hard and low
All the artificial fantasy submerged my core
Lust and Greed were our grave sin
We couldn’t but hideaway our faces because we let down our kin
With due apologies, we are now poised to be humble
For we do not wish to remain in a vicious bubble
Of temporary hopes or materialistic insanity
We need this world to resonate the power of peace and not vanity
Cause it is easier to be trapped or walk into a dark hole
Mindful of the fact that, today even humans are trolled

    The Ekphrastic Review. work inspired by works of visual art, and often provides images of the specific paintings alongside each poem.
Challenge is  to write a poem from the point of view of one person/animal/thing from Hieronymous Bosch’s famous (and famously bizarre) triptych The Garden of Earthly Delights.
Copyright©2020-11th April by Elvira Lobo
(All rights reserved; unauthorized use prohibited) 

Disclaimer: The image(s) in the post are taken from Google. I don’t claim any of its rights. 

What do you call it a divine intervention

what do you call it a divine intervention
that you heard a Scripture verse
recited aloud in your head
as you decided to embark on a journey ?
An enlightenment as the words scream in unison that of the mind and soul.
When you hear Him call you closer, when you are afraid or turned ignorant about  yourself and spirituality coz things didn’t happen accordingly .
Isnt he not a powerful and merciful and compassionate Super being who still loves you the way you are inspite of the physical  and mental incapabilities, apprehension to love and face Him.

My Best Companion

You became the mould
That I could fit into
Knowing well that
I could burn you with my heat
And freeze you with my cold
Yet Lord, you chose to stay
And continue to be my Rock
You are the everlasting icing in life
which is stronger like the frost

Copyright ©2015 by Elvira Lobo- Its My Life

Disclaimer: The image(s) in the post are taken from Google. I don’t claim any of its rights.


Closing my eyes, I drop off to sleep
entering the gateway of my dreams
hazy grey they look towards me
drifting farther the more closer I seek
tangled thoughts brush past my mind
I just see myself walking unsure of what I want to find
I reach to the end of the dome having a collapsible gate
behind which sheer brightness peers through its eyes.

I open my eyes to the gleam of the sun
dazed staring blankly to compose my thoughts
I pull the gate open and steer ahead 
pure serenity and peace is what I can sense deep within
I am confused now that what I found is my dream or is a reality
for I still see the grey shadows still hovering around
though farther away than they seem
And I am walking in path that illuminates like the stars in the sky.

Copyright ©2015 by Elvira Lobo- Its My Life

Disclaimer: The image(s) in the post are taken from Google. I don’t claim any of its rights.