Napowrimo 4- Crunch Time

I paced faster holding the folders Inside the Lift along with others. With my hair tossled and my heaving breath I stood farther near the end Then, my hand brushed his dear cufflings He looked… Read More »Napowrimo 4- Crunch Time

The Arrival

It has not been easyI hope it will change nowThe course of our lives Will redeem and greet Our arrivalAt the banquet  Of our future meet Copyright ©2016 by Elvira Lobo- Its My Life Disclaimer: The image(s) in… Read More »The Arrival

Last Memoir

I do not know what to saychoked with words that do not spell outI never knew the last eager call you made to mewas the last memoir I would haveyour presence was joyous, exuberant with… Read More »Last Memoir

Valley of Moments

The snow around us is meltingAnd the freezing breeze bothering our coats. I am taking deep breaths to realise the  moment  As the temperature of my heart  has begun to swore. His few minutes give… Read More »Valley of Moments


At this juncture of Lifethey chose to move away amicably                        Never to call or ever meet  A parting hug was the finalSignoff of their relation    swallowing the pain with guilt  They built a fence on… Read More »Signoff

War of Feelings

They had finally made itprofessed their love to each otherNow the next battle is to be wonConfessing it to their dear ones.Their dreams are at the doorWaiting to be either garlaned or strangled.